Have your institution join the ACT project

Find out how to join the initiative and how to benefit from one or more tools to increase the transparency of your institution

The tools developed by the ACT project are available to every public body that wants to increase its level of corruption prevention and improve its standards of transparency.

For more information on the different tools and how to use them, use any of the contacts below:
- Access to information: write to Access Info Europe, | +34 913 656 558 | +34 637 226 609
- Risk analysis: write to Re-Act,
- Whistleblowing: see a demo version of the tool at:
To set up your own pilot platform, write to Transparency International Italia,, citing the name of your organisation and the language in which the platform will be used (Italian, English, Greek, Spanish).
- Open data on public contracts: write to OnData,
- Legislative processes (transparency of meetings involving public officials and financial declarations): write to Openpolis,