Legislative process tool

A tool to monitor meetings involving our institutional representatives and their financial interests

The legislative process tool is a system of open government that, as such, aims to make the activities of elected political representatives more transparent. The objective is to monitor lobbying in order to counteract corruption in local administrations.

To do so, this tool makes all the information about the appointment schedule of elected decision-makers and their financial interests public and accessible. Specifically, users can see who is meeting whom, when and for what reason. And users can browse diaries by person, by topic or by company. They also have access, for each public representative, to information on the representative’s declared income, their property, and any positions held in companies. An intuitive interface has been designed for users: the home page shows aggregate and summary information that provides an immediate overview, whilst navigating through the other sections there is detailed information on meetings, on the companies that took part, and on individual people.

By having access to information about the meetings public representatives have with private companies, trade unions, NGOs, and special interest parties, we can begin to understand the steps that lead to certain political decisions being taken. At the same time, having information about not only the salary of decision-makers, but also about their properties, or shareholdings in certain companies, helps monitor areas which are particularly susceptible to attempts at corruption. Transparency is often perceived as an attempt to interfere with the activities of politicians, but, in reality, elected decision-makers are among the first to benefit from it. Tools such as the LP tool allow public representatives to communicate the results of their work more effectively to citizens. A good practice to be followed at all administrative levels and particularly local levels, which are closest to the needs of citizens.
For the LP tool to work, people must commit to consistently updating information about their meeting agendas and financial interests. Only then can the instrument be effective.


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