Open data on procurement procedures

How to implement the international Open Contracting standard and make a city’s public contract data accessible and interoperable

Public contracts make up a huge slice of government budgets. Monitoring, managing, and mapping the entire process from contract definition to completion is extremely complex.
In order to ensure that contracts are awarded in a transparent manner and that competition is promoted, it is essential that data be published in a proper, interoperable way.

This tool lets a city: fully understand the regulatory scenario at the international level and learn about the international Open Contracting standard; transform a test contract into the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) format; and understand how, from this test, to transform all procurement data into the OCDS format to make the data accessible to everyone.

In addition, in the case of Milan, a tool has been created that includes the data already in the OCDS format and makes it accessible to citizens through a simple graphical interface that does not require any particular technological skills.



OCDS Template

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