How the globaleaks encrypted platforms can facilitate internal reporting

Whistleblowing refers to the disclosure of misconducts/wrongdoings perpetrated by an individual or organization in the context of a work-based relationship.

The ACT! WB tool is mainly addressed to municipalities that seek an effective system for reporting misconducts, and for following-up on reported cases, while ensuring high protection and privacy of the reporting persons (whistleblowers). Any person employed by or collaborating with the municipality, or an owned/controlled company, or supply company can report misconducts experienced or witnessed within one of these organizations.

The technical platform used to enable technological confidentiality is called Globaleaks. a free and open source whistleblowing software that accepts messages and documents from the web and encrypts them for secure storage. For every submission, the application provides the whistleblower with a receipt that can be used to verify the status of the submission, exchange messages with recipients and provide additional information. To improve information quality and handle complex workflow of information, it provides a multi-step, multi-context dynamic questionnaire builder.

You can access our demo at this link: https://demo.anticorruptiontoolkit.eu/#/.


If you want to set up a test pilot platform, please write to whistleblowing@transparency.it, providing information on your municipality and the selected language (English, Greek, Italian or Spanish).